Status: LEGIT & Paying!

Faucets Listed:        7                                 Earned:            1.10+ Bitcoin

Launched:               Mai 2017                      Referrals:         115000+

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  • BonusBitcoin
  • MoonBitcoin
  • MoonDogecoin

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  • MoonLitecoin

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  • MoonDash
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CoinPot Review 2020

(Including all CoinPot Faucets)


CoinPot is a Microwallet created back in 2018 for all the Faucet which are owned by this Admin. He obviously created CoinPot because of a lot of issues when the balances were on the Faucets. Not that this didn't work smooth but more likely because of PHP Database Stuff and loading time BUT also because of everyone's security since your Funds are going directly to CoinPot now where you have an Account with Password & 2FA which means your Funds can not be stolen or Hacked anymore. CoinPot was a very good Development from the Admin Team to ensure these old valuable Faucets stay operating & users don't get Hacked so easy.

Withdrawals are possible directly, FaucetPay, & Mellowads

Faucets Into

Not all of the Faucets which are listed under the CoinPots flag was owned always by the same Admin. BonusBitcoin & BitFun are probably owned by the MellowAdz Admin always and never by someone else. The Moon Faucets was owned by an anonymous Bitcoin & Crypto enthusiast which sold the Faucets inclusive the Domains back in 2018 to the Mellowadz Admin (Probably). Later he Developed the Bitcoin Cash & Dash Faucets on top where he proved that he was the right guy to save these old legendary Faucets as otherwise, they wouldn't be alive anymore. I am Member on all these Faucets since they pretty much launched the same like on MellowAdz & I saw this huge correlation between these Sites but i can also be wrong. Fact is I love MellowAdz for a bunch of reasons :)

BonusBitcoin Status: LEGIT & Paying!

BonusBitcoin Faucet was launched in 2015 with some innovative features which were never seen before. You can Claim every 5 Minutes back then was up to 5000 Satoshi per Claim. They have a feature where you can mark that you want to Claim the average Claim amount always which not lets you get the lowest price which is quite frustrating. Back then you could Cashout from the Faucet after you collected at least 10.000 Satoshi but since they launched CoinPot this is old but gold as now every Claim & Commission is paid directly to your CoinPot Faucet & from there you can send your Bitcoin to your Wallet with no fees!

MoonBitcoin Status: LEGIT & Paying!

Moon Bitcoin Faucet is something special for me since it was the very first Faucet I ever joined. This was the time when I learned about Bitcoin & got more and more comfortable with it. I got addicted after I understood how valuable Bitcoin will be one day. This Faucet is like a Moon Game that's why they called it “Moon”. You see your Satoshis loading up for 5 minutes until you can Claim them by verifying that you aren't a Bot. They have cool features like Loyalty which rewards you every day with 1% more Bitcoin on your Claims for being active. You can now do Offers on MoonBitcoin which also rewards you with more Bitcoin on your Claims & the Offer Payments of course. You get also 1% more on your Claims for every Referral that signs up under you. Every Claim & Commission is paid instantly on your CoinPot Account.

MoonDogecoin Status: LEGIT & Paying!

The “Moon Dogecoin Faucet” was launched secondly after MoonBitcoin back then. It is the same Moon Game like all other Moon Faucets where you can Claim Dogecoin every 5 minutes. Since Dogecoin is pretty low valued & designed more likely as a fun currency you can Claim pretty nice amounts of Dogecoins on this Faucet. Features are 1% more on your Claims daily for being active daily and 1% for every active referral up to 100%. All the Claimed Dogecoin are sent directly to your Coinpot wallet.

MoonLitecoin Status: LEGIT & Paying!

The “Moon Litcoin Faucet” was the third launch after MoonDogecoin back then. It is the same Moon Game like all other Moon Faucets where you can Claim Litecoin every 5 minutes. The Claim amount is pretty good comparing to other Litecoin Faucets & it definitely rewards to be active here as Litecoin will be a huge player in the future. While you collect some Litecoin for free you can also earn 1% more on your claims for being active daily and 1% for every active referral up to 100%. All the Claimed Dogecoin are sent directly to your Coinpot wallet.

Moon Bitcoin Cash Status: LEGIT & Paying!

The “Moon BitcoinCash Faucet” came very late and was a Development of the New owner probably MellowAdz. They made this probably as of User requests because of the BitcoinCash fork. It's the same Moon game as any other Moon Faucet and rewards your claims directly into your CoinPot account. MoonBitcoinCash has still the biggest Claim possibilities of any BCH Faucet we saw!

“BITFUN” Status: LEGIT & Paying!

The “BIT FUN Faucet” is a Lil bit different than the other Faucets. It's still a Faucet but it is a different style as the Moon ones. The principle is the same, you can claim a certain amount of Bitcoin every some minute when enough Bitcoin is loaded up. They also have Offerwalls where you can earn Bitcoins on different Offerwall Partners.

MoonDash Status: LEGIT & Paying!

The “MoonDash Faucet” was the latest Development and as the name says it is the same moon game like the other Moon Faucets. MoonDash is a very popular Dash Faucets as it rewards more than other Dash Faucets on average. You’ll enjoy the same features and benefits as I mentioned in the Moon Faucet reviews above.


In Summary, it would benefit you greatly to join all of the Moon sites as the earnings and Tokens from each one go directly to your Coinpot account but not only this is the reason as more likely you will not find any better-paying Faucets in 2020. These unique made Faucets are definitely the ones you cant pass if you are a Cryptocurrency collector.

You don't have a Classic sign up process on the Moon Faucets. Just log in with the same E-Mail in each one as this ensures you receive all Claims and Commissions into one Coinpot Account. BIT FUN and Bonus Bitcoin do require a Registration with Password but we recommend you use the same E-Mail like on the Moon Faucets.

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