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Status: LEGIT & Paying!

Name:               DogeNinja              Withdrawals:        100k+ DOGE

Launched:         2019                      Members:             20.000+

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Dogeninja is a newer earning site that gives a lot of ways for members to earn Dogecoin.

A Faucet”




and more will have you earning nice amounts of Doge quickly and easily.

Yobit Exchange
Yobit Exchange


You can refer new members and get a very nice 50% commission on what they earn. You can view all of your referrals usernames when they joined, and the commissions they’ve made for you. 


The Railpool is sort of an achievement system where 10 users are rewarded every few days for their activity from the Rainpool Balance. The most active users will win a portion of the pool which grows with every faucet claim on the site. 


One of the better-paying Dogecoin sites we’ve seen that offers Faucetpay and Direct Wallet payouts with a 70 Doge minimum. Another site with good potential that offers what you would hope to get for your time spent.

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