AutoFaucet Review 2021:  Earn tons of Coins with the Autofaucet tool & more

Status: VERY LEGIT & 100% PAYING!

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

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Do we recommend AutoFaucet?

We highly recommend AutoFaucet as you can Automatically claim tons of different Cryptocurrencies on AutoFaucet. You can also Exchange Coin for a Coin of your choice and Cashouts to FaucetPay are Instantly!

“AutoFaucet Review 2020”


Autofaucet is exactly like the name says and operates similarly to FireFaucet if you have seen the site. There is a faucet that claims up to 19 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, & Litecoin on complete autopilot and can be tweaked with various speed and boost options. To make auto-claims you need to earn “Faucet Tokens” from the Offerwalls, Shortlinks, or Mining it. You can exchange the coins you earn and withdraw instantly to Faucetpay with no minimum payouts. They offer a simple 20% Referral commission as well.

“Faucet Tokens”

The main currency of the site is FCT and you will need to earn them to use the autofaucet. They can be earned from a few different Offerwalls, by completing shortlinks and mining them with your browser. The mining sections offers a few other ways to mine if you want to try them out, but just doing some Shortlinks seems to work the best to earn FCT. Once you have some Faucet Tokens you can then use the faucets to earn Bitcoin or altcoins.


The Faucet consists of two ways to earn coins - Auto and Manual.

  • Auto Claim allows you to use your FCT to earn any or all of the coins on auto-pilot over a period of time. You will select the coin(s) you want to earn first. Second, you will choose how to get the payout which has 3 methods. Credit goes to your Auto-faucet wallet(s) and receives a 5% bonus. The other 2 options are Faucetpay and ExpressCrypto. You then can set the payment boost from 1x-4x to earn coins faster but costs more FCT. 

  • The second way is Manual Claim and this allows you to convert any or all of your FCT into any 1 of the 19 available coins instantly to your Auto-faucet wallet of choice. 


The exchange works like any other crypto exchange and allows you to convert any coin to any other coin. You will see the exchange rate and need to solve a captcha to complete the exchange. They are instant and you can use this feature as often as you like. 


The affiliate program is very simple and offers a 20% commission rate on your referral's claims made and is paid instantly.


In the withdrawal section, you will see the balance of all of your cryptocurrencies. You can make your withdrawals from here instantly to the processor of choice. The awesome part is there are no minimum amounts and no fees for withdrawing from Autofaucet! 


Autofaucet is a very easy-to-use earning site that gives you flexibility with 19 cryptocurrencies available to earn. Instant payouts with no minimums or fees is always an attractive and secure feature. Highly recommended.