BTCClicks Review 2021:

Highest Paying Bitcoin Paid to Click (PTC)

Status: VERY LEGIT & 100% PAYING!

Rating: ★★★★★

Do we recommend BTCClicks?

BTCClicks established itself as one of the best Paid to Click (PTC) sites off ll time. Cheapest Memberships, Daily Ads & a System which cant die

until Advertisers do Advertise. Read on to learn more.


Surf Ads




Direct Referrals




BTC Clicks is a BTC Paid-To-Click (BTC-PTC) where you can earn bitcoins for free. Unlike most reviews on the Internet which is stating that BTC Clicks is not worth your time, we are different for a good reason. BTC Clicks is a very Legit & always paying Bitcoin Paid to Click & we are the proof for that. With my knowledge of scammy sites, I can tell you to 100% that BTCClicks is Legit otherwise we would be banned with over 23.400 Referrals and over 1,50 BTC Paid a long time ago! Check this Review as we will Prove everything with Screenshots.

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BTCClicks Payment Proof 1

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BTCClicks Payment Proof 2

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BTCClicks Dashboard


The “Surf Ads” feature is pretty cool and simply designed like traditional Paid to Click sites. You can Surf Ads that were placed by Advertisers. After you have watched a certain amount of time, you have to verify that you aren't a Bot with google captcha or with a house own captcha which is a simple mathematical task. After you have done all step you will get credited with the Bitcoins that were told you’ll receive if you watch this ad.

BTCClicks Surf Ads


The “Advertise” feature is a space where Advertisers can place their Ads for Money. The Advertiser feature is an essential part of why BTCClicks never went scam & always kept paying. First of all, you can not buy Advertising on BTCClicks with your collected balance which ensures the site liquidity through a lot of Advertiser payments. The second part is that an Advertiser Pays 24 Satoshi for 1 View at the moment. Of this 24 Sat. the viewer receives 10 Sat. their Sponsor receives 80% of that if he is Premium which is 8 Satoshi. That's 18 Satoshi of 24 Satoshi which went as cash flow into the site. As you can see even the Admin earns 6 Satoshi on every user ad view :) I think i don't need to tell more!


The “Premium” feature is nothing else than safety for the health of BTC Clicks. I like that they have a Premium Membership since this is made to save some money on big referrers like we are. The Premium Membership can be purchased with your collected balance and in our opinion, it's just something for people which can refer hundreds of thousands of people into the site as you’ll earn 80% of their income instead of 40%.


The “Rent Referrals” feature is the same as traditional PTC sites, a feature where you can rent “people” who are clicking for you BUT those “people” aren't really real more likely this is Bots like on every other Paid to Click where you can Rent. We don't recommend the use of this feature as it's designed to not let you profit so easily. For 4 Years we were looking into different Paid to Click scripts and all of them had this feature. On every Script, we checked this feature was not that what they say. These Rent Referrals are always Bots but if you Manage them right and restore the old not Clicking ones with new ones you can make pretty decent profits! As I heard the BTC Clicks Rent Referrals are pretty good & will probably make your Profits if you use them right. (Check Rent Referrals Strategies on Google & Youtube)

BTCClicks Rent Referrals


The “Direct Referrals” feature is a feature that lets you Promote BTC Clicks with your own unique Link. After someone registers over your unique Link you will see him in your Direct Referrals list. You also will be able to Track his action on the site. The people you refer to will stay your Referrals forever which means you will earn 40% as non-premium of everything that they earn (80% as Premium).


So as you can see I didn't promise too much. This review outlines the trustworthiness of BTC Clicks. Just the point that the Admin of this site earns on every user's ad view should let you be comfortable with BTC Clicks. Would you scam something which makes you money constantly for 6+ Years? Of course not!

NOTE: BTC Clicks restores Accounts which are not used for 30 Days! So Login once in a while to not losing your Account!

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