FaucetPay Review 2021: Next Faucethub with Faucetlist, PTC, Offerwalls & Binary Trading


Rating: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

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  • Introduction
  • Paid to Click
  • Offerwalls
  • FaucetList
  • Multipy BTC

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  • Coin Swap
  • Binary
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  • Withdrawals
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Do we recommend FaucetPay?

FaucetPay launched out of nothing & made a lot of people happy since it's very similar to the old Faucethub.io site which closed in December 2019. Tons of possibility to earn 7 different Coins can just get a recommendation.


FaucetPay is a Microwallet for seven different Cryptocurrencies.

You can earn and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, & DigiByte. You may know FaucetHub still so FaucetPay is not really different. FaucetPay lets you earn Bitcoin by viewing PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Faucet List, Multiply BTC & Affiliates. You can also open your own Faucet on FaucetPay since it has all the necessary tools & Scripts. FaucetPay is the new FaucetHub!

FaucetPay Dashboard

Paid to Click (PTC)

The “Paid to Click” section has a lot of Advertiser sites available to earn from. Payments for viewing these Ads are not the best on the market but you have a lot of them. The Ads reset every day so you can watch the Ads every day!

FaucetPay Paid to Click


The “Offerwalls” on Faucetpay are nearly the same as other sites. You have 10 different Offerwalls here. Every Offerwalls has different Offers & Tasks on its Platform. You don't get paid instantly from all Offers as some need a check before they get paid.  

Faucet List

The “Faucet List” will be your main income since you have 1000+ Faucets available to claim from. All of the Faucets on this list do pay you directly to FaucetPay. Some of them pay instantly which is called an “instant faucet” & some of them want you to collect a certain amount of Bitcoin before you can cash out. We checked the best FaucetPay Instant Faucets for you check in Navigation or here but you need to Link a Bitcoin Wallet address with your Faucetpay Account (Check the first Screenshot of Dashboard above you will see a button on the top which says "LINKED ADDRESSES" and you can add all your Cryptocurrency addresses there! After you have done that you are ready to use this List!

FaucetPay Faucetlist

Multiply BTC

Like on FreeBitcoin you can play the Multiply BTC Game on Faucetpay. Same as on FreeBitcoin the game is designed Provably Fair with Server Seed (Hash) and randomizable Client Seed. You can Play the game with all the Coins listed on Faucetpay above.

Coin Swap

The “CoinSwap” feature allows you to swap easily between the 7 Listed Coins on FaucetPay. I think it is not a P2P Exchange where you maybe have to wait until your Order gets filled as every time I swap Coins I have them Instantly in my Wallet which is amazing. This feature is good for those who like to Trade if some of the Cryptocurrencies start to move. But also nice to protect yourself again from huge Market fluctuations of any of the Coins since you can easily swap to any of the other ones. Also recommended for Claimers which don't like to keep all the Coins & just swap them on one or two you like.


The “Binary” feature is a Bitcoin Options Trading with insanely 80% Profits on any trade you make. The crazy thing about this new feature is you can bet on Bitcoins price in the feature more or less but you can choose on your own how long the Option will run. 45 Seconds is the lowest Option you can buy and 72 hours the longest-running one. You can basically make every 45 Seconds exactly 80% on your invested BTC.

FaucetPay Admins did protect their self with a max. bet of 0,02 Bitcoin which is still huge since you can make 80% on this every 45 Seconds. The lowest Investment amount is 10 Satoshi or 0,00000010 BTC. Also, you can Switch the COins in the right corner & Trade the other Coins!

How do Binary works?

First of all, you have the definitions:

Call: On a call trade, you bet that the future BTC price is higher than the current price.

Put: On a put trade, you bet that the future BTC price is less than the current price.

Option: The time after which your trade will end.

Investment: The amount you want to bet.

Entry Price: The price of BTC/USDT (taken from Binance) at the moment when you press "call" or "put".

Exit Price: The price of BTC/USDT (taken from Binance) at the moment when the time of your option is done.

  1. Decide the amount you are willing to bet
  2. Choose your option

  3. Choose if you do a "Call" or "Put" trade and start your trade


The “Affiliates” feature on FaucetPay is amazing since you can refer to & earn Commissions depending on their activity. They also run a Competition constantly for this feature where the Member with the most Affiliate earnings wins a prize (last time was 150$/BTC for the first place winner).


In summary, I became a Fan of FaucetPay since it gave us back what Faucethub took from us. This industry needs a strong player in the Microwallet space just for the tons of people who want to make a Faucet and share some Bitcoins to people. We like the design of FaucetPay,  it is very simply designed but you really will not have any trouble understanding how this amazing site works!

We highly recommend you make an Account & start with FaucetPay now, as the earning potential is bigger and better than on any simple Faucet!

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Faucetpay Binary Options


The “Withdrawals” feature on FaucetPay is very impressive since you have the same System here like on FreeBitcoin.

You have the option to Cash Out your Coins instantly (5 minutes) or with a lower fee within the next 4 hours from the request.

We tested it with all Coins and it works perfectly since the idea behind this is simply to give the User the safety to Cashout its funds at any time! Since Faucetpay has Binary Options and people seriously trade there it's very important for its trustworthy and credibility.

Faucetpay Withdrawals