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adBTC Review 2020: Surfing Websites actively or automatically to earn Bitcoin every day!

Status: VERY LEGIT & 100% PAYING!

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  • Introduction
  • SurfAds
  • WindowSurf
  • AutoSurf
  • Advertise 

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  • Rating System

  • Ref Market

  • Withdrawls
  • Deposit
  • Overall

Do we recommend adBTC?

We highly recommend this Bitcoin Paid to Click as it has proven over to be very stable & paying always in time in the last couple of years! Just from this point alone it wroth your time! Read on to learn more.


adBTC was created back in 2016  before the real Bitcoin bull run started. Back then you

could earn 25.000 Satoshi per Watched Ad it was just insane. adBTC never went away by lack of liquidity as it’s made smart & the Admin earns still on every watched ad! You have 3 different possibilities to earn Bitcoin on adBTC but all are based on watching ads so nothing difficult.


The “Surf Ads” feature is quite unique and was never seen like this before. If you watch an Ad they will link you to the advertiser's page in a new tab while in the adBTC tab your timer runs down. You see the seconds running down in the tab & you can surf something else while you are watching those ads too there is no force to watch activated.

adBTC SurfAds

Active Window Surfing

The “Active Window Surfing” feature is a classic PTC Surf Ad where you are supposed to watch an advertisers site in a frame. adBTC opens a frame where you can see the timer running down. After the timer runs down you will see a simple Bot verification which you have to prove right. Also, you are forced to watch these ads as if you leave them the timer will stop and not count down completely &

you have to start again from the beginning.


The “Autosurfing” feature is the lowest paying ad type on adBTC since you just open it and advertisers sites will run in a frame until there are no ads left.


The “Advertise” feature on adBTC is divided into 3 different parts. Since the Users can watch Surf Ads, Window Ads, and Autosurf Ads the Advertiser is able to place their Ads on all of them. In my opinion, the only valuable one here is the normal “Surf Ads” feature since it generates you direct traffic which is not in a frame. The prices are fair comparing to other similar faucets and if you have a bigger budget the Admin will deal with you & I'll get a much better cost per ad.

Rating System

The “Rating System" is made to ensure quality advertising as an advertiser can choose how many rating points users need to have to see their ads. New Users start usually with 0 Rating and climb up slowly and if the users cheat or uses bots he will be banned before he can collect 1 point. This ensures the advertisers don't suffer a lot of fake or bot traffic. You can't do anything else with the Rating it's just for this one purpose.

Referral System

The “Referral Market" is nothing new in this industry but it's an amazing feature anyways. Everyone who refers users to adBTC will be able to sell them 7 days after their registration. They will be placed on their house-owned Referral Market where other members are buying them. We sold a lot of Referrals on this Market & we can tell you that some Referrals sold for 500,000 Satoshi. Basically people who are not able to refer do buy Referrals from other Users. So overall this is a Peer 2 Peer Ref-Market!

adBTC Referral Market


“Withdrawal” is possible in Bitcoin only but you have the option to send your Bitcoins to FaucetPay Microwallet at 5000 Satoshi minimum. or directly to a Personal Bitcoin Wallet at 30000 Satoshi minimum.

adBTC Withdrawals


“Deposits” are possible in Bitcoin and with Payeer. If you add USD with Payeer they will be converted in your Deposit Balance to Bitcoin.

adBTC Deposits


In summary, we highly recommend adBTC as the site proved over years to be Legit & Paying out in time.

Sign Up now on adBTC & earn you first 0,00001 Bitcoin (1000 Satoshi) in 30 minutes!

Reading: Review of in 2020 with extensive analyzes about its features like SurfAds, Rating System, Withdrawals & more.

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