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What is is a very well-known exchange that got its start with an app. On you can park cryptocurrencies and earn interest. In addition, offers buying and selling of over 400 different cryptocurrencies, its own NFT marketplace, and many rewards for members. Among other things, they also have their own currency called $CRO, which brings huge benefits if you invest it for a fixed period of time. After XAPO, was the first major company in the crypto credit card space, as you can order your own free credit card. However, the credit card where you have to deposit $400 brings much more rewards and looks much better too. 

Is Safe?

Yes, is a very secure app in our opinion. WARNING: There is no homepage to log in to, these are all scams! only has an app! We have been using since the beginning and never had any problems with the app or with the credit card! Even with the free card, you can withdraw daily up to 5000$/€ ATM for a 2% fee. We find it the fastest alternative to making crypto dollars or euros. Once you are verified and apply for the card it takes 2 weeks depending on where you live to get the card!

Cryptocurrencies on has over 400 different cryptocurrencies listed that are available for buying and selling. Among them are of course the top coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple but also new coins like Aave, Chainlink, Shiba, and Solana. 

What is available on is not an ordinary crypto exchange but has much to offer. Wallet

The wallet is very secure and must be equipped with a whitelist address that is verified 24 hours after the entry, and then you can pay out to this address. This system, including 2FA, makes it almost impossible to be hacked.

Cryptocom cards

As mentioned in the introduction, this crypto company had its own crypto credit card right at the beginning. Any new member can order a crypto credit card as long as one lives in a region where is also available. There are also paid cards where the currency CRO has to be deposited and that for six months. If you sell the coins after the six months, you also lose the rewards from the card! Nevertheless, this crypto card is the best in the industry simply because it has hardly any limitations.

Buy crypto

For those who buy crypto on a regular basis, is an excellent choice. The fees are manageable at 0.4%, but this goes down significantly with higher volume. There is a kind of subscription called "Recurring Purchase", where you can automatically buy crypto in any periods. Staking

The interest rate is really the best ever. With USDC, for example, you get as much as 12% per year. With the cryptocurrencies, you are not limited at all like on BlockFi, so you can also stake larger sums with the full APY

Cryptocom NFT

Of course, you also have your own marketplace for NFTs. This may not be missing today and the metaverso crypto continues to grow nicely!

Trading Experience

Trading on is not recommended as the fees are simply excessive and unacceptable. You can decide for yourself if you want to pay 0.18% for buying and selling like on Binance or 4-5% like on Fees

The fees are fair and manageable but not the smallest in the industry and Binance clearly wins this duel. New members without CRO staking pay 0.4% per trade. With a trade volume of over $25000 and 5000 CRO in staking, the fees go to 0.04% maker and 0.10% taker. Security

The security of the users at has the highest priority. In January 2022 they discovered dubious activities on member accounts and immediately pulled the emergency brake so that no damage was caused and since then you MUST have 2FA! We see this Comapny as very very safe to use!

How too open a Interest account?

Opening an account is easy:

1 Open this this Link and Download the App on your Mobile
2 enter email and password
3 enter your data
4 confirm e-mail
5 verify identity
6 After verified you have Full access Customer Service

The customer service is fantastic and will help very fast. The Homepage has an integrated Helpdesk where more common Questions with Answers are presented, but also a Live Chat with someone from the Support.

How long does it take for to verify?

It depends on from which country the verification takes place, but basically it takes a few minutes. In rare cases, your documents need to be checked by an employee, and then it can take 1-3 business days.

How to sell Crypto on

It's easy, you tap into the App and choose Wallet. After that, you decide the Cryptocurrency you want to sell and open the Wallet. On the top you now will see options like Sell, Buy and Transfer. Choose Sell and follow the instructions.

How to transfer Money from to Bank Account?

First, you have to Link your Bank Account by transferring a little amount on your Wallet and you will be able to Cash out to this Bank Account afterwards.

Contact - Email: or Live Chat in the App Headquarters

Headquarters - 111 North Bridge Road #08-19 Peninsula Plaza 179098, Singapore vs Coinbase

Coinbase and in the duel, many would not see so, but Coinbase is clearly beaten here. Coinbase has credit cards in the USA, in the whole world (with a few exceptions) Coinbase does not offer interest on Crypto, does exactly that! These two profound examples alone are enough to say is clearly ahead here! vs Binance

Binance and, it will be a tough duel. Both companies have the same products and are growing incredibly fast with millions of members every day. Nevertheless, Binance is ahead here, but does not have to hide at all. Conclusion

In the end, we have to say that is not for traders because on Binance you pay 4 times less per trade, but this company with its super cool app makes our lives easier every day with the Crypto Credit Card which is the best in the industry and clearly beats the Binance Card. is the best place to hold and earn interest because the interest rates are the best in the industry. We have to say that the support has improved a lot since they added a live chat to the app, so we don't share the same opinion as many others here. All in all, we give 5 out of 5 stars.

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