GraBTC Review 2022

Earn Bitcoin through advertisements
Status: 100% PAYING!

Do we recommend GraBTC?

GraBTC is good to use if you can do a lot of surveys, otherwise it is tedious.

GraBTC Review

GraBTC Introduction

GraBTC is one of the most promising Faucets/PTC launched in early 2020. The Site has multiple ways to earn Bitcoins every day by doing Tasks like watching Ads, Claiming on the Faucet, Shortlink completing, Contest participation, Lottery, Offerwalls, Survey, Jobs, and more. GraBTC has Memberships where you can earn more but we never recommend buying Memberships in any Site if you don't do it with the passive earned Bitcoins! You can cash out your earnings on a direct Wallet or to Faucetpay and the minimum is 5000 Satoshi. Gra BTC has many monthly Contests running for Referring, Offerwalls, and Shortlinks and they are one of the most attractive in the Industry with over 1000 $ / BTC in monthly prizes! Also, their Achievements section is something special as you can get rewarded for Goals you reach like for Example for Referring Friends or Claiming on the Faucet and the prizes are crazy!

The PTC Ads section is similar to the CoinAdster & MoreMoney PTC sections as all these sites are using the same Script which is pretty cool as you don't need to learn anything new if you are familiar with one of the mentioned Faucets.

Shorting Links is pretty easy but not really paid well but you can participate in the Shortlinks Contest which increases your earnings dramatically if you manage to place in the prize spots.

The Offerwalls listed are AdGate Rewards, aceT-Studios, AdGem, Yunno Surveys, TheoremReach, OfferDaddy, Personaly, Pollfish, Wannads, Wannads Survey, KiwiWall, OfferToro, AdWorkMedia, CPALead, JungleSurvey, BitsWall, and SkippyAds. The Admin is updating this section constantly and new Walls coming every Month.

GraBTC Review

How to earn Bitcoins on GraBTC?

I recommend Surveys on TheoremReach if you are from a Tier 1 Country you will find a lot of high Paid Surveys like me (Record: 385.500 Satoshi for 1 Survey). Tier 2 Countries also have decent Surveys on BitsWall, Yunno Surveys, TheoremReach, OfferDaddy, and Personaly. Try out the Offers as well you can play Games on Mobile and earn pretty nice amounts!

GraBTC Conclusion

I really do not find anything negative on GraBTC except that their Memberships are pretty unaffordable for small Users. Anyways GraBTC is an amazing made Site that gives you a lot of opportunities to earn Bitcoins every day! Cashouts are possible also over Faucetpay

GraBTC Review