Coinadster Review 2022

Earn Bitcoin with advertisements
Status: 100% PAYING!

Do we recommend Coinadster?

Coinadster is a website where you can earn Satoshis for free by watching ads or answering surveys.

Coinadster Review


CoinAdster was discovered by us in March 2020 & the site is really promising in our opinion since we contact the Admins always for Advertising deals. The Admin responded very cooperatively and we view him as a businessman. Coin Adster lets you earn with different cool features like Faucet, PTC (Paid-to-Click), Offerwalls, Achievements, Contests, Shortlink, & Jobs. We analyzed every earning aspect of Coin Adster.

Coinadster Faucet

The “Faucet” is an easy claim every 3 minutes & you just have to verify that you aren't a Bot with Google Captcha or Solvemedia. The Faucet has a Promotion running on Weekends where the timer is set to 1 Minute.

Coinadster PTC

The “PTC” section is basically a Surf Ad section where you watch Advertisers Sites in a frame & after the timer runs out you will be redirected to his site. Some Ads do not redirect you since the Advertiser has to pay 10% more to do so.



The “Achievements” are rewards that you can collect if you reach the needed goal. There are different Achievements like Faucets Claims, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, & Referrals.

Coinadster Offerwalls

The “Offerwalls” section lets you earn Bitcoin by doing Offers & Tasks on their 3rd Party Offerwalls. Most of the Offers & Tasks you participate in will not pay you instantly to prevent cheating. The OfferWall Provider will pay you after they checked the Offer was completed correctly.


Coin Adster has three different Contest running. They run a Referral Contest, Offerwall Contest, & Shortlink Contest. There more you have of those the bigger you can win at the end of the month.


The “Shortlinks” section is like on any other Faucet. You have to do the Short Links as they pay really good compared to other features on Faucets. Also, keep in mind that the Shortlinks are a great way to Support your Faucet since its an important income source to any Faucet!

Coinadster Jobs

The “Jobs” section lets you earn Bitcoin if you Sign Up on any of the listed sites placed by Advertisers. You have to follow the rules of each of them if you wanna get paid.


The “Withdrawals” are sent in 2 different ways to your Wallet. The first & common way is to Cash Out your Bitcoins to a Wallet of your choice. The second way is to Cash Out your Bitcoins to Faucetpay. The minimum amount for direct Wallet is only 10.000 Satoshi & only 1.000 Satoshi if you send your Bitcoins to FaucetPay. You have to make 15 Faucet Claims to be able to Withdrawal. You can also Withdraw Bitcoin directly on your Freebitcoin Wallet and get interest!

Coinadster Conclusion

In summary: We can highly recommend this Faucet alone from the Admin point I mentioned in the Introduction above. The “Withdrawals has a very very low minimum to reach which is also a good point of trustworthiness for us.