FaucetCrypto Review 2022

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FaucetCrypto has changed hands several times but you have always been able to withdraw.


FaucetCrypto Introduction

Faucetcrypto is much more than a faucet and offers a variety of ways to earn "coins" that have a value in BTC. Previously, Faucetcrypto was on Faucethub and always paid members 100%. Now they offer Faucetpay and Direct Wallet Withdrawals. They have your basic faucet to start as well as Shortlinks, PTC Ads, and Offerwalls. They have an affiliate program and offer advertising as well.

Earn coins on FaucetCrypto

As mentioned in the introduction, you can earn coins which can then be converted to BTC and many other altcoins. The amount you receive varies with the fluctuations of the bitcoin price. To earn easily and effortlessly, you can request a withdrawal from the Faucet every 40 minutes.


Then there are shortlinks to be seen, filled in the same way as on any other website.

FaucetCrypto Paid to Click

Another way to make money fast is the classic "paid to click" ad, where you look at an ad briefly and get paid for it.

FaucetCrypto Achievements

Achievements are the other way to earn more coins and they can be achieved through a certain number of shortlinks, PTC ads, etc. Offerwalls are like what you normally see, but they can only be unlocked once your level reaches 20.



The level system rewards you for your activity. It's very simple: the more active you are, the faster you level up. It is important that you increase your level, as it directly affects your earning potential. You get a bonus for every activity you perform, and this bonus gets higher and higher with your level. Level advancement is quite simple and is done by doing more and more activity in the earn coins section.

FaucetCrypto Take off

Two options are available: Faucetpay and also the direct way directly to your wallet. You can also Withdraw Bitcoin directly on your Freebitcoin Wallet and get interest!

The nice thing here is that they give you the option to exchange your coins into over 20+ altcoins.

FaucetCrypto Conclusion

Very nice design, lots of ways to earn, lots of coins to use, and the uniqueness of Faucetcrypto make it a promising website that has already gained a lot of attention. They currently have over 150,000 members and have made over 500,000 payments. Join today and make this site.