AdsBitcoin Review 2022

Earn Bitcoin while surfing
Status: Pays 100%!

Do we recommend AdsBitcoin?

We highly recommend AdsBitcoin for those of you who want to earn Bitcoin while surfing.

AdsBitcoin Review


AdsBitcoin is a (BTC-PTC) Paid-To-Click site that started in 2020 and it was started by the Trafficly Admin. AdsBitcoin has also its own chrome Extension which you need to install after signing up to see all the available Advertisements which will earn you Bitcoins after you visited them. Same like on Trafficly you do not have to hang out on the Homepage all the day to check if Ads are available as you can earn Bitcoins while you watch youtube very easy since you see the ads available at any time.

AdsBitcoin Surf Ads

The "Surf Ads" feature is one of the best we saw for 5 years since you don't need to be on a special page to see the ads. With the Chrome Extension, you will be able to see available ads at any time since you are surfing directly out of the extension and you also can see the ads only if you have installed the extension. The earnings are amazing since you will have all the day ads to surf. After you have Clicked an Ad you will see a Red counting timer wait until it says "OK" in a Green Box then Type the Text to verify you are not a Bot and done, you earned Bitcoins.

Tipp: Look every 15 minutes if there are Ads available as some Advertisers buy just 1000 Clicks and those are gone in no time and you maybe miss some ads. It's really easy to make 200+ Satoshi daily with this cool feature.


How does AdsBitcoin works?

  1. Type your E-Mail Address and Click "Login"
  2. Check your E-Mail and Type the Code you received
  3. Install the Extension and Refresh the Page
  4. Open "Preferences" and change your Nickname (optional)

After you have completed these Steps you can open the extension in the right corner of your Chrome Browser and Click the Ads & earn Bitcoin.

AdsBitcoin Advertise

The "Advertise" feature is unique as everything else on AdsBitcoin you will receive is amazing and it's completely Direct Traffic and not Referral Traffic by a Domain since AdsBitcoin is sending the Visitors directly through the extension Analytic tools will consider it completely as direct Traffic which will help you rank up in Alexa. Another cool feature is that you can exclude Users from watching for 3 Days after they saw your Ad! After you have Set Up your Ad you can enjoy a fully automated System & your Ad will go live in an instant!

AdsBitcoin Affiliate

The "Affiliate" feature is simple to use as you will have your own unique AdsBitcoin Affiliate Link which can be Shared with Friends or Social Media. After a new Member registers with your Link, you will earn Commission of all their earnings.

AdsBitcoin withdrawals

You can Cashout on Faucetpay so as on any Bitcoin or Crypto wallet depends on what you gonna Cash out. You can also Withdraw Bitcoin directly on your Freebitcoin Wallet and get interest!

AdsBitcoin Conclusion

In summary, AdsBitcoin looks very promising as it Offers some features which a very unique. AdsBitcoin is completely free and doesn't disturb you with annoying advertising or pop-ups. All you have to do is Install their Chrome Extension & you are instantly ready to earn Bitcoins all day long. We highly recommend this New Innovative Bitcoin Paid To Click for Users and Advertisers.