BTCClicks Review 2022

Earn bitcoin while surfing
Status: Pays 100%!

Do we recommend BTCClicks?

BTCClicks has established itself as one of the best paid to click (PTC) sites in recent times.

BTCClicks Review

BTCClicks Introduction

BTC Clicks is a BTC Paid-To-Click (BTC-PTC) where you can earn bitcoins for free. Unlike most reviews on the internet that say BTC Clicks is not worth your time, we are different for a good reason. BTC Clicks is a very reputable & always paying Bitcoin Paid to Click & we are proof of that. With my knowledge of fraudulent sites, I can tell you 100% that BTCClicks is Legit, otherwise with over 23,400 referrals and over 1.50 BTC Paid we would have been banned a long time ago! Check this review as we will prove everything with screenshots.

BTCClicks Surf Ads

The "Surf Ads" feature is pretty cool and simply designed like traditional paid to click sites. You can surf ads that have been placed by advertisers. After watching the ads for a certain amount of time, you have to verify that you are not a bot using a Google captcha or an in-house captcha, which is a simple mathematical task. After you have completed all the steps, you will be credited with the Bitcoins that you were told you would receive when you view this ad.


BTCClicks Advertise

The "Advertise " feature is an area where advertisers can place their ads in exchange for money. The "Advertise" feature is a major reason why BTCClicks has never been fraudulent and has always paid. First, you can't buy ads on BTCClicks with your accumulated credit, which ensures the site's liquidity through many payments from advertisers. The second part is that at the moment an advertiser pays 24 satoshi for 1 view. From this 24 Sat. the viewer gets 10 Sat. His sponsor gets 80% of it if he is premium, so 8 Satoshi. That's 18 satoshi out of 24 satoshi flowing into the site as cash flow. As you can see, even the admin earns 6 satoshi from each user who sees the ads :) I think that's all I need to say!

BTCClicks Rent Referrals

The "Rent Referrals" feature is the same as traditional PTC sites, a feature where you can rent "people" to click for you, BUT these "people" are not really real, but rather bots like all other Paid to Click sites where you can rent. We do not recommend using this feature as it is designed in such a way that you cannot easily profit from it. For the past 4 years, we have looked at various Paid to Click scripts and all of them had this feature. In every script we have reviewed, this feature was not what they claim. These rent referrals are always bots, but if you manage them properly and replace the old non-clicking ones with new ones, you can make pretty decent profits! From what I've heard, BTC Clicks Rent Referrals are pretty good and will probably make your profits if you use them properly. (Check Rent Referrals strategies on Google & Youtube).



The "Direct Referrals" feature is a feature that allows you to promote BTCClicks with your own link. After someone registers using your unique link, you will see him in your Direct Referrals list. You can also track his activity on the website. The people you refer will remain your referrals forever, which means you earn 40% as non-premium of everything they earn (80% as premium).

BTCClicks Conclusion

As you can see, I didn't promise too much. This report shows the trustworthiness of BTC Clicks. Just the point that the admin of this site earns from every ad view of a user should make you feel satisfied with BTC Clicks. Would you cheat something that has been constantly making you money for over 6 years? No, of course you wouldn't!

NOTE: BTC Clicks restores accounts that are not used for 30 days! So log in every now and then to avoid losing your account!

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