coinpayu Review 2022

Earn BTC with Surf Websites, VideoAds, Contest, Offercontest
Status: VERY LEGIT & 100% PAYING!

Do we recommend coinpayu?

because of its huge Payouts on the Promotions they made I can guarantee you that coinpayu is here to stay! Very good made Site and Interface! Read on to learn more.

coinpayu Review

Coinpayu Introduction

Coinpayu is a (BTC-PTC) Paid-To-Click site that started in 2019 and is similar to other Bitcoin PTC sites in its functions and operations. It has a nice-looking design and you can earn Satoshis for Viewing 2-Types of Ads, as well as 11 different Offerwalls. Advertising is quite cost-effective here and delivers a solid amount of traffic. As with most PTC sites, they offer an affiliate program along with 4 Upgrade Options to increase earnings potential.

Coinpayu Bitcoin Paid to Click

The View Ads feature is the easiest way to earn satoshi and requires very little time to complete.

There are 3-types of advertisements to view:

  • Surf Ads show the timer in the Tab and you don’t need to stay on the page to complete the view and receive your satoshi, but there is a captcha to complete after the timer expires.
  • Window Ads, on the other hand, require that you solve a captcha first, stay on the advertisement until the timer runs out, and you are then credited the reward amount.
  • Video Ads, NEW: You can now earn Bitcoin by Watching the Videos posted by Advertisers in the Video Ads section! There are not many Videos now we should give it some time until they acquire enough Advertisers but its an amazingly promising feature!

You can increase the amount you earn from the “View Ads” feature by up to 400% with the upgrades.


Coinpayu Offers

Almost every type of site online where you can earn money or crypto, they have offers you can complete. Here is no different but they do have 11 Offerwalls so you have plenty of ways to earn much more satoshi here than some PTC sites. Different offers have various payout timing so always check and see how long it takes so you know. You can view your current and pending rewards as well as those of your referrals.

Offer Contest on Coinpayu

Coinpayu has Offer Contests. They run it every some months with huge prices for the best 25 Members. You can win this contest by collecting the most Satoshis in the Offerwall section by the end of the month. The prices vary but are around 500$/Bitcoin for the first place & still 5$/Bitcoin for the 25th place. If you don't know which offers you should do check the "Recommended Offers" thump up.

Bitcoin advertising Network

Another feature that is quite similar to other PTC sites is advertising. You can advertise your website/affiliate links for a cheap price and can be either Surf or Window Ad types. The ads are very easy to set up and don’t require any further action after they are running. We tested the Advertising feature with different Referral Links and we are really impressed with the Quality. It can just be recommended!



The affiliate program here is a bit more robust than other sites as it offers more upgrade options to fit different budgets. Rather than describe the many options and features of each upgrade, you can preview them all in the table below. Make note that due to the pricing you will want to secure a good number of referrals before upgrading. You can view your Direct Referrals and their activity, get referral tools and links, and view the Referral Market in the Affiliate Tab. The referral market is worth your attention as it’s a good place to find referrals for purchase if you have a hard time referring. You can also sell your referrals which is very profitable from time to time.

Now you can Refer friends via the brand new Lending Pages!

Coinpayu withdrawals

You can Cashout on Faucetpay so as on any Bitcoin or Crypto wallet depends on what you gonna Cash out. You can also Withdraw Bitcoin directly on your Freebitcoin Wallet and get interest!

Coinpayu Conclusion

Coinpayu looks very promising as the site has been running smoothly for some time and is designed to succeed. We highly recommend this site as it pays and gives you lots of opportunities to earn Bitcoins. But if you have Bitcoin to Invest into Membership you will have amazing earning potential on this site as you can see on the screenshot above.


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