FireFaucet Review 2022

Crypto earning made easy
Status: 100% PAYING!

Do we recommend FireFaucet?

FireFaucet can only be recommended because the site is constantly evolving and new comes out.


FireFaucet Introduction

Fire Faucet was launched back in 2018 when it was an Auto Claim Faucet only with a lot more Cryptocurrencies available currently. The Faucet owner is always active and Developed Fire Faucet step by step to one of the top 10 Faucets today. Even after Faucethub closed its doors completely, Fire Faucet kept searching for alternatives and found it also with direct Wallet Payouts & FaucetPay. Read our Review & be an insider. FireFaucet is also called one of the fastest free bitcoin miner.

How does Fire Faucet Work?

FireFaucet is a huge Faucet as it has so many opportunities to earn multiple Cryptocurrencies. Fire Faucet lets you earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, ZCash, Tron, & DigiByte. How you can earn on Fire Faucet is collecting “Auto Claim Points” and with them, you can run the auto claim System which collects you Bitcoin until all your points are used, Classic Faucet where you can Claim, PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Tasks, Shortlinks, Daily Bonus, & Rewards. These Points can later also be converted into Bitcoin or any of the other Cryptocurrencies we mentioned above as listed.


Fire Faucet Auto Claim Points (ACP)

Auto Claim Points are the currency you can earn on Fire Faucet and those can be easily converted into any Cryptocurrency they have listed.

Activity points

Activity points are used to determine the activity of users, like the more they claim, do short links, mine, do faucets, or refer friends, they earn Activity points. The Top 10 Members will receive a bonus reward every day.

FireFaucet Daily Bonus

The “Daily Bonus” can be Claimed every 11-12 hours and it pays you ACP Bonus depending on your activity.

Short Links of over 20 different URL Shorteners & collect a lot of ACP in this feature. Also, you’ll support this Project very much by doing the Shortlinks since it's a big source of income to any Faucet.



The “Faucet” can be used every 30 minutes. You will get a random amount of ACP for every claim and 10 Activity Points.


Fire Faucet Offerwalls are Offerwalls from 3rd Party providers like OfferToro. They have 10 different Offerwalls listed & you can earn ACP on all of them.


Task Rewards can be collected after you reach a certain amount of Claims, Offers or AdViews. You are supposed to Claim 3 times on the Faucet to receive an extra lil Bonus. Tasks do reset every day at midnight UTC.

FireFaucet PTC

PTC Ads are a traditional Paid to Click area where you can visit Advertiser sites to receive ACP. The Traffic they share is very good, we tested it!


The “Referrals” feature is made different. You get paid after your Referrals have received its Cashout to prevent cheaters from signing up with multiple Account in the same downline. You will receive 20% of all coins claimed by your referrals & you will not receive any ACP for that. The Referrals section has their own Wallets and those Coins can be Transferred to your Main Wallet.

FireFaucet Conclusion

We can just highly recommend this Faucet as it has a lot of earning potential for normal users as well. If you don't have time to claim you can run the auto claim faucet which ensures you earn even while you sleep. You will not get rich with this Faucet but we also don't know the future of Bitcoin & if he continues his ride we might be wrong & you do get rich. Cash outs are possible directly or over Faucetpay. You can also Withdraw Bitcoin directly on your Freebitcoin Wallet and get interest!

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