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Published on January 03, 2022 by bonuscake.com

Leonicorn Swap Review

Leonicorn Swap Introduction

Leonicorn Swap, often mistakenly called ‘Leonicoin Swap’, is a decentralised exchange, specially built to compete with existing exchanges such as PancakeSwap, and Uniswap. Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Leonicorn Swap is something very special!

Leonicorn Swap has been carefully designed to offer users a feature packed but clean, simple, and intuitive interface, allowing even the most inexperienced of users to interact with blockchain technology with ease.

The founder, and CEO, Mofassair Hossain, with years of experience in the industry—where he has raised over $600m in revenues for 60 different blockchain projects—decided to launch this, his own project, in January 2021.

Leonicorn Swap

Leonicorn Swap’s plans for rapid development

Following the launch of the Leonicorn Swap website, and the successful completion of the Leonicorn Swap governance token (LEOS) presale, liquidity was added to PancakeSwap to allow investors to buy and sell the LEOS token freely.

In August Locked Staking was launched for LEOS holders, offering attractive APRs to investors in return for locking their tokens for terms ranging for 30 days to a year.

In September the utility token (LEON) also completed a presale, and in October the Leonicorn Swap DEX was launched, complete with staking and farming functions. Since the launch of the DEX, a lottery, powered by Chainlink’s VRF, has gone live, and in December—in preparation for the forthcoming IJO launch—a locked staking function was also added.

Other features due for imminent launch, include Autostake and Smartstake functionality, as well as Prediction markets. As 2022 progresses, in line with Leonicorn Swap’s roadmap, we will see a cross-chain NFT marketplace, with future plans for gaming and staking functionality, and further out there are even plans for Leonicorn Swap debit cards.

What is Leonicorn Swap (LEOS) for?

Leonicorn Swap is not just a place to swap tokens. The Automatic Market Maker (AMM) provides any project the opportunity to provide and lock liquidity, by creating a permissionless liquidity pool for any pair of BEP20 tokens. Projects can become official Leonicorn Swap partners, after complying with Leonicorn Swap’s strict criteria, and use the DEX’s other advanced features to launch their tokens through the IJO function, or offer farming and staking options to incentivise their investors and liquidity providers.

The DEX will also allow its users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs through its forthcoming cross-chain NFT marketplace, as well as engage in a range of features, such as lottery, prediction, and advanced staking options.

How to Buy LEOS (Leonicorn Swap Token)

Investors interested in buying the LEOS token have a range of options, the recommended one being to exchange another BEP20 token for LEOS directly through the Leonicorn Swap DEX. The easiest way is to procure a balance of Binance Coin (BNB) through a Centralised exchange, such as Binance, before transferring them to a BSC wallet as a BEP20 token. However, investors who prefer to buy their LEOS directly from a centralised exchange can do so through MEXC, Bitmart, CoinTiger, Bitrue, Bibox or ZT.

Leonicorn Swap

DeFI and NFTs

The Leonicorn Swap DEX will deliver a range of specialist DeFi and NFT systems, each designed to offer investors a wide variety of profitable investment opportunities. The AMM function, with its extremely low trading fees, provides ample opportunity for traders to profit. The rest of the DEX provides investors with options for high return investment, through liquidity farming and staking, lottery and predictions, as well as the IJO platform.

NFT traders and artists will be able to utilise an unparalleled cross-chain NFT platform, with artists enjoying low mint fees and access to a wider market.

What is LEOS?

The LEOS token is the governance token for the Leonicorn Swap ecosystem. As a governance token, LEOS will allow holders to steer the project’s future direction by voting on changes to policy, selection of partners, and offering proposals. However, unlike many other such tokens, LEOS will also come with its own utility across the DEX’s developing functions.

What is LEON?

Similar to other DEX tokens, LEON is the native auto-minting/auto-burning utility and reward token for Leonicorn Swap. As such, it is the principal token earned as reward for investors who engage with the DEX’s functions. The token can also be locked in order to gain an allocation for projects launching through the IJO platform.

Leonicorn Swap

Is Leonicorn Swap a real alternative to Pancakeswap?

Leonicorn Swap is positioning itself as a next generation DEX, designed to compete directly with the likes of PancakeSwap. Its competitive advantages, besides offering early investors a greater opportunity for upside gains, lie not just in matching competitor features but going beyond them through expansion into NFT markets and crypto debit card sectors—and eventually developing into a full cross chain DEX with metaverse integration. All delivered on a clean, modern, and responsive interface.

Leonicorn Swap also aims to deliver unparalleled support for its investors, and has already launched 24hr Live Support functionality on its DEX, allowing users to access secure, reliable, and responsive professional support without delay.

Is Leonicorn Swap safe?

Leonicorn Swap is driven by the desire to deliver the safest and most secure DeFi protocol possible for its investors, and evidences this desire through audits by both Certik and Hacken. Leonicorn Swap has consistently scored highly on independent security assessment and its developers actively monitor and respond to developing threats within the cryptosphere. Leonicorn Swap is hosted on powerful, responsive, and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. Leonicorn Swap prioritises security over all other matters, including launch schedules. The availability of integrated live support on the DEX allows investors to seek support in the secure knowledge that they are talking to bonafide support staff, in a secure environment.

Leonicorn Swap

Pros and Cons

Low FeesNot many exchanges support LEOS
Staking and Farming
Many options to use LEOS

Social Media Activity

Channels, like for example Twitter and Telegram


It is clear that Leonicorn Swap, and its native tokens, are a powerful new entrant to the highly competitive DEX sector on Binance Smart Chain. Their clear, compelling, and dynamic vision, as laid out in their roadmap, coupled with their successes to date, paint a convincing picture of a project set to deliver successfully on their targets. Mofassair Hossain and his team, have already built a high quality DEX and a large and close knit community, as new features are added to the DEX it is hard to imagine anything short of success lies ahead for Leonicorn Swap in 2022.

Exchange Name: Leonicorn SWAP
Founded in: 2021

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